What ever happened to ... Calvin Clemmons.

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What ever happened to ... Calvin Clemmons. The big, buffed, He-Man looking former 49er who was most famous for his putback slam to force overtime against East Carolina in 2004.
Clemmons, always a fan favorite, chatted with recently about what he's been up to lately.
NinerReport: So what have you been up to lately?
Calvin Clemmons: Just been recovering from a long year that 2006 was for me. Had two back surgeries in less than 8 months.
NR: Where are you playing now?
CC: I'm now playing in Iceland.
NR: Do you keep in touch with players/coaches from Charlotte?
CC: Yes, been in contact with Mitchell Baldwin, Coach Moss, and spoke to Eddie Basden recently.
NR: What was your biggest regret from your years at Charlotte?
CC: Honestly, don't have any regrets.
NR: Best Niner memory?
CC: Two actually, beating Louisville at home, and when I sent the game into overtime at ECU with a dunk of a lob from demon brown.
NR: Best locker room memory?
CC: Everytime we one a game, especially road games. it was always exciting in the locker room.
NR: You were widely regarded as the strongest player, do you still lift heavy?
CC: lol, That was the reason I had to go through back surgeries. I lifted heavy in college. 600lbs squats, and almost a 400lbs bench. Those squats crushed my lower back and i ended up with a herniated disk that I had to have surgically repaired. So I lift heavy, that will never change. Gotta stay BIG CAL, but now i listen to my body instead of other people ya know.
NR: How have you expanded your game?
CC: I'm only 6'7'' so I cant back down everyone... especially these 6'10''s and 6'11''s overseas so now I'm facing up more to shoot the short jumpshot that I actually had in high school but got away from in college.
NR: Ever get to Niner games?
CC: Before I left in December of 2006, I got to a couple of games. Now I check up on them on the Internet.
NR: You said once that you'd run through a wall for Coach Lutz, how often do you guys talk now?
CC: Coach lutz is a great coach but most of all great person. We really don't talk as much as when I was there obviously. We had more of a relationship when it came to ball, but I do know if I needed assistance with anything and he could provided it, he would help out.
NR: Have you played against Niners in the Euro leagues?
CC: Haven't yet played against any fellow 49ers.
NR: What's your ultimate goal?
CC: What most people don't know about me is that I'm half Portuguese. My ultimate goal will be to have a prosperous career in my mother's country of Portugal. I have family there and it would be nice to finish a long career there. My first two seasons have been in cold places. It would be great to play in a country whose temperature doesn't drop below 60-65 degrees. lol
NR: What do you miss most about being a Niner?
CC: The thing I miss the most about my time as a Niner was the teammates I had. Man we had some characters; we had a good time one road trips, in the dorms, on campus, out in the city. Whereever we went we had a good time. They were my partners... Demon, Butter, CJ, Eddie, Mitchell... even Cam, Jermaine Williams, and Tory Reed before they left.
NR: Do fans still come up to you?
CC: When I'm home during the summer, people may stop and speak because they say I look familiar or they see my conference championship ring from my senior year. I actually ran into Cedric Maxwell and he saw my ring and said times have truly changed because when he was part of the conference championship team, they didn't get rings.!!!!!!!!!
NR: Add anything you'd like to say...
CC: I really enjoyed all year I was at Charlotte, even my redshirt year after transferring from South Carolina. It was great playing at Charlotte, throughout all the blood sweat and tears... it was truly worth it.