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Free Content: Cameron Tatum talks about commitment

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On any other day Charlotte coach Bobby Lutz's trip to Iraq would have been the hot topic of conversation.
But not today, not when Lutz had a brand new Niner on the other end of the phone line.
Cameron Tatum, a 6-5 shooting guard, gave Lutz his second commitment from the class of 2006. The Niners first commitment came from JUCO guard Carlos Williams.
"He was pretty excited about it," Tatum said. "He was saying that he was glad that I made the decision to come to Charlotte, and then we talked about his trip to Iraq. He talked more about my commitment."
Lutz wasn't the only one. Tatum talked to Charlotte's coveted 2007 recruit Michael Beasley two weeks ago about the possibility of them visiting at the same time.
"We were just keeping in touch," Tatum said. "At the time I didn't know that I was going to commit. He told me that he and Nolan were going to be coming down."
Last season Tatum led Tucker (Ga.) High School to a 27-4 record averaging 21 points per game. Now that the hectic decision of where he'll spend his collegiate career is out of the way, Tucker can concentrate on other important things.
"I'm ready now to concentrate on my grades and trying to win the state championship," he said. "My dad was excited about the situation that I'm going to be going in to, and that coach (Dalonte) Hill would be there. My family was excited."
And fans are excited too, but you don't need to tell Tatum that. He frequents message boards on NinerReport.com and Ninernation.net, and has read a lot about what the Niners think about him.
"It's pretty cool to read all of the things that have to say," Tatum said. "One guy had pictures of me, Mike and Kenyan and said 'what else do you need.' I was like wow!
"I want fans to know that we'll be bringing them a national championship to Charlotte. I'll need a good center and I've got the other good big man in Mike (Beasley). The future is looking good for Charlotte."
Cameron has agreed to keep a diary on NinerReport, that will begin to run next week.
Where else could you have read this? Try Our 7-day Free Trial!