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Charlotte was prepared to give out the star treatment for its biggest recruit possibly in history Michael Beasley. But when an equally important player showed up at the same time, Beasley had to make a little room on the red carpet. He didn't mind,because it was his best friend Nolan Smith.
NinerReport.com: So how long have you been there?

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Michael Beasley: Since Sunday morning.
NR: How are things going with the visit so far?
MB: It's going pretty good. The campus is really nice and all of that.
NR: So you met with coach Lutz and all of that?
MB: Yeah that went real good. He was telling me about the campus.
NR: I know you guys have been playing pickup games. What's that been like?
MB: I think we played like four games or something like that, and I had to match up against Curtis Withers… (laughs) That's a strong dude man!
NR: So be honest, was he getting you?
MB: Oh nah, nah, nah… I mean he was getting me but he was GETTING me. I mean I was scoring when I wanted to.
NR: So basically he couldn't hold you and you couldn't hold him.
MB: I mean he didn't score as much as I did, but I guess you could say that. Nolan (Smith) was on Curtis' team.
NR: Oh Nolan came down too?
MB: Yeah he came on down.
NR: So Nolan when did you decide to make the trip to Charlotte, I thought you were headed to Louisville this weekend?
Nolan Smith: I came on down with Mike and to take a look.
NR: How are you liking it so far?
NS: Man I like it a lot. For real!
NR: Enough to give Louisville some legitimate competition in your final decision?
NS: Yeah definitely… Yeah.
NR: So Mike told me he was putting in work in the pickup games, what about you?
NS: Oh yeah I was making it look easy out there (laughs).
NR: Well you know that fans are more than excited about he possibility of you and Mike teaming up at Charlotte.
NS: Yeah I know, they should know that I'm definitely considering Charlotte.
NR: But Louisville's still your leader?
NS: Well, I would say it's down to Louisville and Charlotte.
NR: What kind of stuff did coach Lutz talk to you about?
NS: He basically was telling me that I'd be able to come in and do what I do right away. That was cool to hear, I really liked hearing that.
NR: When are you guys headed to Oak Hill?
NS: We're going straight there from here Monday.
Where else could you have read this? Try Our 7-day Free Trial!