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For Michael Beasley the last week has been torture. His cell phone number's changed, maybe it's just a coincidence, or maybe considering the events that rocked the Charlotte 49ers on Tuesday, he hasn't felt much like talking?
Niner assistant Dalonte Hill decided to head to Kansas State to assist head coach Bob Huggins, Cincinnati's former coach.

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Thing is, Hill, Beasley's coach with the DC Assault AAU team before taking the Charlotte job, was the reason that Beasley shocked the recruiting world and picked the Niners.
That prompted us to report, from a reliable source, that like Hill, Beasley was headed to Kansas State. Rightfully so, speculation ran rampant on that report's validity.
Well don't listen to us, let Beasley tell you for himself.
NinerReport: You've been a tough guy to get a hold of man. That's unusual, is something going on?
Michael Beasley: (laughs) It's been kind of crazy man. The phone has been ringing off the hook. I had to screen the calls, it's been crazy.
NR: So you obviously heard about coach (Dalonte) Hill leaving Charlotte for Kansas State right?
MB: Yeah.
NR: So the $1 million question, what's your move?
MB: Well I'm going to see what else it out there, but I would say that right now Kansas State is my number one choice. I'm not committed there or anything, but they're my top school.
NR: Is the draw to K-State the obvious one?
MB: Yeah. Coach is headed there and they could bring in some real talent.
NR: You mean O.J. (Mayo) and Bill (Walker)?
MB: Yeah O.J. can just stroke it and Bill can jump out of the gym. I would love to play with them if they go there.
NR: Have you talked to (Charlotte) coach (Bobby) Lutz?
MB: Yeah I talked to him last night. He was just telling me that he understands everything and that I have to do what is right for me, but to keep Charlotte in mind.
NR: Are you going to do that?
MB: Yes. I just can't throw Charlotte away like that. I honestly look at Charlotte as like a second home for me. I've been down there so many times and everyone down there has shown me so much love. I just can't do them like that. They're right up there for me. Still.
NR: Have you thought about the prep route?
MB: Yeah I am looking at that, but I figure since I have to go to school for a year I might as well go to college.
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