Beasley: Im solid to Charlotte

If you’re a Charlotte fan and you follow recruiting rankings, than you likely know that Michael Beasley is currently ranked the #2 player in the class of 2007.
Most prospects would gawk at the honor of being ranked in the top 10, let alone one of the top two spots, but Beasley thinks that the rankings are just a bit off. Well, about one spot off to be exact.
“I definitely feel like I’m the best player in the class,” said a convincing Beasley. “I feel like I’m the best player regardless of the class. I’m not being conceited, that’s the way I play, with that mindset. And it helps me on the court.”
An unstoppable mindset would definitely come in handy when you’re facing the consensus top player in any class, 2006’s 7-foot center Greg Oden.
Beasley, who stands a legit 6-feet-9-inches tall, squared off with Oden this past summer, and played some tough defense on the talented giant.
“When I was in the game he didn’t score,” said Beasley with a laugh. “He’s real good, but he didn’t score on me. I had 11 points that game and we won.”
Some analysts tend to agree, that Beasley could make a strong case for the number one spot in 2007’s class, which seems to be shaping up to be a dandy one, which is probably why Beasley shocked the recruiting world when he made an early commitment to play for Bobby Lutz and the Charlotte 49ers. However, Beasley said the decision to play for the 49ers never kept him up nights.
“I knew where I wanted to go,” he said. “I told coach Dalonte (Hill) and I think he was a little shocked, but they were all real excited. I just really like the coaching staff they are really down to earth. I also like their system because they don’t focus on one position. It’s like there are five players on the court. They work it all out within their system, and the atmosphere down there is something I liked too.”
These days to be ranked in the top five within your respective class means serious interest from NBA scouts and GM’s, and Beasley’s name has already been mentioned in NBA talks, even as a sophomore.
Some say he’ll never suit up for the Niners, some say he’ll reconsider the commitment, some say wait and see, but what does Michael Beasley say?
“If I have a chance to go in the top 20 I would definitely have to look at it,” he said. “That’s something you really can’t turn down, but my mindset now is on going to college, and that’s going to be at Charlotte. I’m really looking forward to going to Charlotte and experiencing college life and all of that stuff.
“I’ll probably be getting down there and watching a few games this season, just taking everything in.”